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Die Zunftmeister

"The New Land"

If despite this page and our community something is still unclear, just ask me by contacting the support.
Since "Die Zunftmeister" are always in further development, it is possible that some contributions are not up-to-date - we apologize for this.

Wichtig-1.png I can also recommend this post from the forum All beginnings are difficult - Beginner Tutorial.

Table of contents

  1. Food production
  2. Wood and boards
  3. Stone and iron ore
  4. Quartz/Lime and Salt/Sand
  5. Tools
  6. Farm in general
  7. Farm (food)
  8. Animal processing(food and wool)
  9. Medicine
  10. Production lines
    1. Production sites of B like Bakery - W like Well
    2. Goods Requirement
    3. Houses - Warehouse
  11. Buildings in general
    1. Buildings up to 299 P.E.
    2. Buildings 300 P.E. and above
    3. Buildings 800 P.E. and above
    4. Buildings 3500 P.E. and above
      1. Quest at City Hall
  12. Repair of buildings
  13. Consumption of your inhabitants
  14. List of Goods
  15. Title
  16. Shop
  17. Supporters

Tips at the beginning of the game

After completing the tutorial, you should be the proud owner of a lumberjack, a house and a joinery.

Now you should concentrate on producing food', wood and most importantly on producing primitive tools in the joinery!

If you get stuck at the beginning of your new country - no wood and no tools - you can reset your country.
To do this, click on the top right-hand corner of the 3 lines, where you will find this option. When you reset your country you will get a new one.

The next steps should be to build a quarry, a ore mine, more residential buildings, another camp and the forge. With these more buildings you will secure the expansion of your settlement and lay the foundation for a good tool production.

In the course of the game some hint buttons will always appear on the left side of the playing field. Clicking on them will either draw your attention to something or advise you to build important projects to grow your settlement.
You don't always have to implement proposed construction projects immediately. However, if you build new and better buildings and thus unlock other productions, you should follow these suggestions!

Already available is a pond, there you can fetch water, which does not occupy any storage space!

 Wichtig-1.png Remember that wood is an enormously important raw material... So if you have a few boards and tools left, build more than one logger to ensure the supply of wood....